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Bathurst Uniting Community Markets

Saturday, 14 September 9:00am to 1:00pm

You may have read in the Western Advocate about the city wide fund raising campaign in support of Poppy Stanton, the 4 year old girl in need of a Star Pups assistance dog to help manage her Retts Syndrome (a rare and incurable neurological disorder).

The Stantons are one of our Play Group families.

This month, our markets will be donating all stall fees and any other fund raising efforts as our own contribution to this appeal.
The third ‘mark of mission’ of God’s Church is ‘Tend: responding to human need in acts of loving service’. And sometimes it’s individual human need that catches at our hearts…

If you can help, by holding a stall, spreading the word, bringing friends, shaking a fund raising tin or just being
there to add to the ‘buzz’, please do!

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Celebrating the Season of Creation

September 1 to October 4 has been designated by the world wide church as the Season of Creation.
In this season, God’s Church is called to reflect on, celebrate and pray for God’s creation, as a sign and sacrament of God’s presence in the world and as a sacred trust given to humankind to care for and tend.

Over the next four weeks, Rev Claire will be leading us in exploring different aspects of God’s creation: oceans, flora and fauna, storms and cosmos.
Our services will be full of fun and curiosity and beauty, as we reflect on waves and whales, whipbirds and willows, clouds and constellations and what they tell us about God, and our place in the world.

Come ready to to immerse yourself in wonder and invite your friends to church for something a little different, especially if they care for the environment!

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